How about a slackbot for status check-in?

Status check-ins are a good way to keep track on team's progress and understand roadblocks. We want to help managers in noting down daily status updates of work from teams and prepare reports.

Daily status check-in

Managing people is undoubtedly not an easy task. Managers need to talk to employees individualy to understand what they are working on and prepare reports.

Probably, you have already found out a solution - Status Check-ins

Let's do it better with Automated status check-ins

Our bot will take input from your team members.
We'll let you know if someone is facing trouble with their task.
The bot will post the responces in a channel of your choice
Status history will also be available on our web app. You may have a look at them any time.

We feel that time spent on data entry and prearation of spreadsheets to record these are not worth it. Status coffee saves you from this mess.

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